Shiver, Summer Tales of North

Shiver, artist book, self-published, 60 pages, 6.5 x 9.25 in


"Shiver, a bookwork by Velibor Bozovic, is a poetic travelogue, memoir, tribute, and portrait. The cycle of images included in it appear to document a voyage through a northern landscape that traces the edges of the Arctic Circle during the summer months. The artist visited Russia, Iceland, Canada, and Norway. Though taken in summer there is still a bracing, even icy air about these images. We see stolid apartment blocks, the boughs of a forest grove, craggy peaks, and the occasional mysterious portrait. Bozovic’s piece is a crisply presented open narrative left for the viewer to decode and interpret. Each viewer, each reader, is invited by Shiver to become a traveler by tracing each cycle of images with their eye." - Mark Clintberg