2017, Aug 31 - Oct 14, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal, Canada - The Long Moment, group exhibition with Jin Kim, Thomas Kneubühler and David K. Ross.

Matchbox II, C-print, 86 x 60cm

2017, Apr 13 - Jun 17, Galerie Dazibao, Montreal, Canada - Nothing Will Surprise You Here, solo exhibition.

Installation view

2017, Apr 12, Wednesday 7PM, Librarie Drawn & Quaterly, Montreal - Freeman's magazine: Home , launch and discussion with John Freeman, Rawi Hage and Aleksandar Hemon.

2017, Mar 09 - Mar 23, Carter Road, West Bandra, Mumbai, India - How Many Seas, Collective exhibition by the Outre-vie / Afterlife Research group, in collaboration with What About Art, Mumbai, India.

Installation view

2017, Feb 10 - Apr 30, Ismaili Center, Toronto, Canada - Memories of Stone, solo, with Azra Aksamija and Amila Buturovic.

Installation view

2017, Feb 01, Wednesday 6:30PM, Concordia University, VA building 114, Montreal - Visiting artist lecture series: Conversation in Contemporary Art, public lecture by Velibor Bozovic.

2016, Dec 01, Thursday 6PM, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal - La Biennale de Montréal 2016: Le Grand Balcon according to Velibor Bozovic, gallery talk.

2016, Oct 08, Saturday 2:30PM, Iowa City, Iowa - The Lazarus Project discussion at Iowa City Book Festival.

2016, Sep 9 - Oct 9, VU Photo, Quebec City, Canada - Ensemble, group exhibition by Outre-Vie/Afterlife group.

2016, Mar 18, Friday 5PM, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany - My Prisoner screening at Les Rencontres Internationales.

2016, Jan 21, Thursday 2:30PM, Jaipur, India - The Lazarus Project panel discussion at Jaipur Literary Festival.

2016, Jan 15, Friday 2PM, Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France - My Prisoner screening at Les Rencontres Internationales.